Brush Cutters

Skid Pro Extreme 

Skid Pro extreme duty open front 72" brush cutter. Cuts up to 8" trees. Our most popular brush cutter. 


Floats with the contour of the ground.   

B.D. Extreme

Blue Diamond extreme duty open front 72" brush cutter. Cuts up to 6" trees. 

C.I.D. Cutters

Contact us for more information regarding CID brush cutters.

B.D. Severe Duty

Blue Diamond severe duty brush cutter. Three motor sizes available to match your machine. Cuts up to 10" trees. 

brush cutter excavator.jpg
Excavator cutters

Contact us for more information on excavator brush cutters. 

Here are the most popular brush cutters we work with. 

We also have many more options available that are not listed above. 

Let us help you find the correct cutter for your machine and application. 

Some important information when selecting your brush cutter:

  • What size of brush and trees do you plan to cut.

  • What host machine will you put it on.

  • How much auxiliary pressure and flow does the host machine generate. 

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