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Magnetic Sweeper

Magnetic sweeper for skid steers, small tractors, mini skid steers, etc.

Pick up nails, screws, bolts, cuttings, scrap steel, large metal parts, etc.

Clean up roads, yards, construction sites, riding arenas, pastures, demolition projects, on all terrain.

Protect your equipment and animals from hidden metal hazards.

Permanent magnet lifts nails from 8.5” off the ground. Can be operated 2” from the ground.

Can lift 108 lbs I beam.

Debris is easily cleaned off the sweeper by tilting forward, the magnet swings away from the aluminum bottom and the debris falls off.

The digging rake on the front will loosen debris stuck under the surface so it can be picked up by the magnet. It also grooms the surface so you can see where you have already swept.

Weighs 348 lbs, is 72” wide. Permanent magnet. Optional debris rake is included.

ATV tow behind magnetic sweeper is also in stock. 

Comes with optional aluminum clean off sleeve for easy debris removal.

Hitch is adjustable for height, the wheels are adjustable for height.  

Weighs 277 lbs, is 74” wide. Permanent magnet. Severe duty model.

Made in Canada.

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