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TMK Multigrab

This is the best excavator grapple, the TMK Multigrab.

It is available in two sizes. 

Multigrab S is built for 6-13 ton machines. 

Weighs 880 lbs. 

Multigrab M is built for 13-25 ton machines. 

Weighs 1820 lbs. 

Rotators are available, they spin the Multigrab 360 degrees. 


The grapple opens to 180 degrees so it is out of the way or can grab large items.

The grapple bypasses so it closes very tightly.

Great for logs, roots, stumps, raking, demolition, rocks, or anything you need to grab hold of.

Built with the Hardox 500 steel in Finland by TMK Machinery.

Requires only two hydraulic lines or one circuit.

For more information follow the link to the TMK Tree Shears website

Multigrab S specs.png
Multigrab M specs.png
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