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Pole Setter

HD pole setter. 

Handles big, heavy utility poles up to 45’ long and 2500 lbs.

Double cylinder pole claw clamps onto the pole, rotates it vertical and sets it into the hole.

Can also be used for trees, screw piles, fence posts, building posts, wind towers, solar power posts, and more, if you can grab it you can lift and rotate it vertical.

Increase safety and productivity on your job site.

No more handling of long dangerous poles by hand or with the forks of your machine.

Safely and quickly set or take down poles.

Universal skid steer mount.

Only requires two hydraulic lines.

Comes with wiring harness.

Ready to work.

Two independent jaws ensure the pole is gripped tightly.

Opens to 20.5 inches and closes to 5 inches.

Rubber grips prevent damage.

Has a tamper circuit to connect your hydraulic tamper.

Swift Fox Industries is your Canadian Distributor.

Quality built, Made in the USA.

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