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Rotating Log Grapple For Skid Steers

Handle large logs, posts, power poles, firewood, feeds logs into chippers, and more.

Designed for Arborists and tree specialists, and used by many other industries.

Manual rotating log grapple for skid steer, mini skid steer, mini excavator, tractor, loader, etc.

Built in the UK by Klou Attachments. The simple and extremely strong design minimizes the number of moving parts and ensure a high reliability. Thick steel, blasted and powder coated.

The hydraulic ram holds the grapple closed with a check valve.

The rear brace allows you to stabilize the logs when lifting from the end.

The manual rotation can be locked in many positions or left free to swivel.

Requires only two hydraulic lines, no case drain.

Hydraulic rotation also available.

An optional front mounted towing ball is included to quickly move your trailers and chippers on site.

Optional rope tie point included.

Weighs 400 lbs before the mount.

Opens to 45”, closes to 3”.

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