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Halverson Firewood Processor

Process firewood from the cab of your skid steer. It is a one person operation. 

Built for light commercial and residential use. 

This unit is easy to set up, quick to attach and detach.

Pick up logs from your pile then process firewood into a trailer, tote, or final location. 

It can plug into your 14 pin plug to use your joystick buttons, or can have an extra control set for machines that require it. 

The Halverson HWP 120 has the 6 way adjustable splitting head, and 25" hydraulic chainsaw.  

It cuts up to a 15" diameter log, into lengths of up to 22". 

Only requires standard flow hydraulics, a case drain is required. 

Weighs 1280 lbs, is 96" long. Can be hauled in a truck box. 

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