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Boom Lifts Manual

Boom lifts or jibs increase the lifting heights and the reach of your skid steer. 

Safer than using a chain or sling with your pallet forks. 

We keep factory and custom built booms in stock and have access to many styles and capacities. 

SFI Built. 

We built it here in Alberta, Canada. 

Boom is built with 1/2" plate universal mount, 4" and 3" square tubing with 3/8" wall, (most manufacturers use 3/16" wall). 

Closed it is 10' plus work tool. 

Extended it is 18' plus work tool. 

You can use a pintle hook for lifting, or we also built a pusher pad for our use to push items into our cargo trailer. 


Martatch Built. 

Canadian built as well. 

Reaches 78" extended. Factory built. 1500 lbs at full extension. 

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