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Industrial Grapple Rake

Grapple rakes are great at raking debris from ground, ripping out small roots from under the soil surface, tearing up icy and hard surfaces, and grabbing hold of piles of debris, logs, rocks, and other objects. 

Let the soil fall through the tines. 

Several styles and manufacturers available to suit your project. 

The Skid Pro Industrial Grapple Rake is the market leader in durability and functionality. 

It features a grapple that can be used as a single clam or remove the bolts and gain the advantage of a split grapple, depending on your work environment. 

One of the toughest heaviest grapples made.

High tensile 80,000 plate steel, 1,375 lbs operating weight. 

1.5" thick bottom tines and 3/4" thick top tines. 

41" opening.

Replaceable teeth. 

Built for the largest most powerful skid steers on the market. 

Lighter duty units and other designs and manufacturers are available

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