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Mega Mixer

Mix concrete and mortar.

Handle soil, sand, rock, livestock feed, compost, manure. 

With adjustable mounting brackets and pallet fork tine slots on both sides, conveniently dispense left or right. Built-in cutting edges and a robust design make it well-suited for scooping from piles.

Comes standard with dual safety grates, including integrated bag busters, that can be opened individually from either side. 

With features like chute storage, pin holders, easy-to-read yardage markers, a robust 8" diameter auger coupled directly to a heavy-duty, low-speed, high-torque motor capable of dispensing 3/4 yard of material in 26 seconds (up to 1" diameter rock), the Mega Mixer will save time on the farm or jobsite.

Unit ships complete, including hoses and flat face ISO couplers.

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