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TMK Tree Shears

TMK 150 (1).jpeg
TMK 150

Use on 1-4 ton excavators, small skid steers. Weighs 165 lbs.  

TMK 400

Use on 10-30 ton excavators, largest skid steers. Weighs 1280 lbs.

TMK 200

Use on 2-8 ton excavators, all skid steers. Weighs 365 lbs.  

TMK 300 log deck.JPG
TMK 300

Use on 5-20 ton excavators, medium to large skid steers. Weighs 620 lbs.



Tree Shear University.  


A collection of videos for the selection, installation, operation, and working of the TMK Tree Shears 

The TMK Tree Shear cuts and holds on to trees and brush quickly and safely in one cutting and grappling motion.

The TMK Tree Shear can be mounted on excavators, skid steers, and other equipment.

The Shears are hand built in Finland to the highest Finnish standards and include Swedish Hardox 500 steel for the cutting blade.

They come in three sizes to suit your machine, working environment, and budget.

The Shears are designed to be simple, efficient, durable, and modular. 

Some important information when selecting your TMK Tree Shear:

  • What size and species of trees do you plan to cut.

  • What host machine will you put it on.

  • How much auxiliary pressure and flow does the host machine generate. 

  • The shear requires only two hydraulic lines and standard flow on most machines.

Most common options for the shears include:

  • Collector - allows the shear to cut multiple trees accumulating or bunching smaller stems.

  • Delimber - removes limbs from stems and works as a grapple.

  • Upgraded cylinder - cylinder options can increase power and or speed.

  • There are also tilting units, extensions, brush blades, heels, splitting blades, and extra fitting plates. 

Applications include:

  • Remove trees safely with no ground disturbance and no high-speed spinning discs or saws.

  • Reduce chainsaw work.

  • Cut and remove trees from sensitive areas like near buildings or other infrastructure.

  • Forest thinning operations increasing growth of desirable trees.

  • Reducing fuel for forest fire protection.

  • Removal of invasive woody species without chemical or burning.

  • Use on tracked machines for sensitive areas.

  • Cut and pile for burning.

  • Firewood operations.

  • Cut and pile for skidding and loading operations.

  • Harvesting for saw logs, this design does not crack the stem of the tree.

  • Roadside and ROW clearing.

The Shear was designed and built by an operator and it shows in the durability, ease of serviceability, and simple operation.


Swift Fox Industries is pleased to work with TMK Tree Shear offering sales and service throughout Canada.

For more information, contact us or check out the TMK Tree Shear website at

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