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Let our field experience and wide range of inventory help you put your machine to work. 

Call or email to confirm our current inventory or to order your attachment solution today.


We are proud to have partnered with a global group of top manufacturers carrying their outstanding products. 

Brush Cutters

Mow and shred trees, brush and grass.

High performance options at great prices.  

skid pro blower 84 sf.jpg
Snow Removal

Play in the snow with custom sized buckets, fast blades, high volume pushers, or blow it away with a snow blower. 

TMK 150 on mini skid (2).jpg
Mini Skid Steers

Canadian built mini skid steers. Kubota engine. Powerful machine in a compact package. 

Wire Rollers

Rollup barbed or smooth wire with your tractor or skid steer.

mini brooms and blades.jpg
Mini Attachments

Attachments for mini skid steers.

skid steer ripper ice.jpg
Cultivator / Ripper

Cultivate soil or rip up ice and hard ground. 

Grapple Rake

Industrial Duty Grapple Rake. Very heavy built. Rake the ground and shallow roots. Handle trees, logs, and root balls. 

rotating pallet forks 2.jpg
Rotating Pallet Forks

Rotating pallet forks turn 180 degrees for unloading boxes. Has folding arm. 5000 lb capacity. 

Multi-purpose Grapple

Use for logs, pipe, rocks, etc. Excellent design and price. 

firewood processor wp825.jpeg
Firewood Processors

Save time and labor or start a new business with our affordable firewood processors.  


Break ground, maintain gardens. 

demo dozer.jpg
Demo Dozer

Best multipurpose grapple bucket. 

Stump Removal

Utility, HD and Extreme duty stump buckets. Stump grinders. Stump planers. 

Pallet Forks

Lift pallets, rig mats, logs, and other objects. 

post pounder skid steer.jpg
Post Pounder

Breaker style post driver. Powerful and fast. 

Land Leveler.JPG
Land Levelers

Smooth out your gravel and soil. 

Auger Drives & Bits

Auger drives and bits to match your machine and project. 

Used and Demo

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us for everything else. Used, demo units, unique, custom, rare, etc.

TMK Tree Shears

Cut and grapple trees with your excavator, skid steer, loader, tractor, etc. 

skid steer screener
Rotastar Screeners

High output screening buckets. For excavators, skid steers, loaders, tractors, etc. 

Stone Crusher

FAE stone crusher for skid steer. Land reclamation, driveways, gravel roads, trails, etc.  6" deep. 

Vibrating post driver steel post.jpg
Vibrating post driver

Vibrate wood and steel posts into tough ground. Can be mounted to skid steers, excavators, tractors, loaders, etc. 

Rotating Grapple

Rotating grapple for mini and full sized skid steers. Heaviest built.  

Hydraulic Boom Pole.jpg
Hydraulic Boom

Hydraulic lifting boom. 1200 lbs capacity.

Metal Shear

Metal cutting shear for 3.5 to 10 ton excavators, or large skid steers. 

CID backhoe 2.JPG

Turn your skid steer into a backhoe for precise digging. 

Log Splitters

Split large wood with your skid steer or use the traditional stand up model. 

Tree / Root Grapples

Handle trees, logs, and roots. 

skid steer rock grapple extreme.jpg
Rock Grapples

Rock buckets with or without grapples.  

Silage / Manure

Silage and Manure grapple buckets and tines. 

6 way Dozer Blade

6 way dozer blade. Angle and tilt functions.

Pole Setter

Grab, rotate, and set poles. 

Mega Mixer

Mix concrete. Side discharge left or right feed, rock, soil, sand, and more. 

skid steer bale grabber.JPG
Hay Bale Handling

Bale spears, bale grabbers, bale grapple buckets. 

CID broom.jpg

Angle and pickup brooms. 

FAE mulcher lineup Swift Fox Industries.jpg

Standard and high flow mulchers. Mulch brush and trees into a fine material at or below ground level. 

TMK Multigrab

Excavator grapples with sizes for 6 - 25 ton excavators. Used for logs, rocks, soil, etc. 

Trailer Movers

Easily move trailers around your yard with your skid steer. Various styles available.  

Sweeper Broom

Push broom for skid steer and forklift. No hydraulics. Move dirt, debris, rocks from grass, and more. 

Tree / Post Puller

Easily and safely remove posts, small trees, stumps. 

power rake.jpg
Power Rake

Power rake / soil conditioners for skid steer. Smooth soil, refresh gravel areas, chew up ice. 

Cone Splitter

Split logs and firewood with your machine. 

IMG_5040 - Copy.JPG
Rotating Log Grapple

Lift and skid logs with your skid steer, tractor, mini skid steer, or excavator. 

firewood processor long logs.jpg
Firewood Mill

Save time and labor or start a new business with our powerful firewood mills.  

fine rock picker.jpg
Rock Picker

Skid steer rock picker, arm rotates pushing rocks into the skeleton bucket. 

silage grapple.JPG
Grapple Buckets

Grapple buckets for the farm or jobsite. 


Digging, snow, rock, cleanup, stump and more. 

Boom Lifting

Increase height, reach, and safety. 

Swing Boom Cutter.jpg
Swing Boom Cutter

Cuts slopes, overhanging branches and limbs, trees up to 4" diameter. Reaches 8'.

digga 12k anchor drive 2.jpg
Anchor Drives

Anchor / Screw pile drives and torque monitoring for every application. 

Bale Accumulator

Gather and lift 8-10 square bales straight from the field onto your trailer.  

Tilt attachment

Adds tilting function to your attachments. 

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