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Mini Skid Steer 

Mini Tracked Skid Steer with Kubota Engine. Gets a lot of work done in a small package. 

Built by Baumalight in Canada.

With a wide range of attachments these are great for moving snow, running tillers, mowing, landscaping, moving trees and logs, cutting trees, moving pallets, firewood operations, trenching, and more.

Fits in backyards, through gates and barn doors, could even haul in your pickup.

Compact Utility Track Loader with 24.5 hp Kubota engine.

Weighs 2930 lbs, 40” wide, 70” long.

Auxilliary hydraulics have 12 gpm and 3000 psi.

Joystick controls with pilot lines.

Hydrostatic drive with three pumps for the drive systems, auxiliary and boom.

Dedicated oil cooler.

Travels up to 4.57 km/h.

Lifts 3190 lbs without attachment.

Dual headlights, easy access maintenance, self levelling, quick attach plate.

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