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TMK 300 Tree Shear

The TMK 300 is powerful and the most popular shear in the TMK lineup. The TMK 300 weighs 620 lbs (295 kg) and can cut 12" (300 mm) trees (sometimes larger). It is recommended for use on 5 - 20 ton excavators, medium to large skid steers, wheel loaders, etc.

Popular options include:

Collector allows cutting several trees before laying them down, increasing productivity. 

Delimber for removing limbs and using as a grapple for picking up trees off the ground.

Cylinder options allow for more power or speed. 

Brush Grapple makes it easy to cut very small material. 

There are several other unique options available. 


For more information, contact us or check out the TMK Tree Shear website at

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