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Mega Mower Brush Cutter

Clear and mulch the heaviest brush, grass, and trees with the Mega Mower X Industrial Open Front Brush Cutter. This design levels forests and overgrowth, allowing you to reclaim what once was. The industrial deck is reinforced for maximum cutting potential and long-term durability. Open deck design and heavy-duty push bar make quick work of large saplings and small trees.

  • Industry first, patent pending, serrated sides plates allow for limbing of overhanging branches

  • 12 carbide tipped thumbnail teeth line the bottom to stir material and aid in the grinding of stumps

  • 1/4” side plates run the entire length of the mower and tie directly into the push bar and tubular supports

  • 2” x 4” 3/16” thick grade 50 steel tubes support the deck, are tied directly into the side plates, and are twice as strong as C-channel used in most brush mowers

  • Blade retention uses castle style nuts with a pin to retain them from loosening during operation as safety is our number one concern

  • Fully forged bearing carrier shaft to hold up to gyroscopic forces mower’s endure in rugged conditions and terrain

  • 3/4” single piece flywheel with rounded corners made from 50,000 psi minimum yield strength steel with additional 1/2” reinforcement

  • Long, angled skid shoes are designed specifically for mulching material into finer pieces by putting the nose down to let the high speed blades mulch material

  • 5” AR400 steel axe blades are abrasion resistant to mulch material close to the ground without wearing out quickly

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