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Promac HSM 60 Mulcher

The Promac HSM 60 is a heavy duty, high flow skid steer drum mulcher that will set new industry standards for performance. A standard flow version is also available, the HSL 60.

This mulcher is great for:

  • Landowners clearing fields and fencelines

  • Professional land clearing contractors

  • Reducing forest fire fuel loads

  • Cleaning up undesirable vegetation reducing the use of herbicides

  • Maintenance of ROW, rail lines, transmission lines, pipelines, trails, etc.

This fixed tooth mulcher is available with the Chip Production Rotor as seen in the photos, or in smooth drum configuration.

Choose between beaver, chipper, or carbide teeth depending on your material, ground conditions, and carrier.

The variable piston motor only requires 35 gpm flow and can be adjusted for optimal performance on your skid steer.

It is powerful and smooth turning the average high flow skid steer into a mulching machine.

Case drain protection built in! No more blown motor seals or cracked motors, if your case drain has trouble there is a bypass built into the machine. Promac is one of the few that provide this protection. This feature could save you thousands of dollars in repairs, as us, we know.

Mulch brush and trees down to ground level, or tilt the mulcher forward and mulch into the soil surface (a feature not found on many skid steer mulchers, most only grind flush).

This Promac drum mulcher exceeds industry standards for quality and innovation including: a replaceable liner, fully welded frame, replaceable bushings in the pushbar frame, replaceable skid shoes, variable displacement bent axis piston motor, 1” hydraulic lines, 34 replaceable teeth, safety chains on the bottom, and a safe downward flow of mulch material from the front of the unit eliminating the need for a door to control debris.

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