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High Flow Industrial Brush Cutter

The Skid Pro 72" high flow industrial open front brush cutter is rated for 8" diameter material.

It is one of the most powerful and well built high flow brush cutters on the market.


It runs on 25-60 gallons per minute, it is best to have 36 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow or better. 

It has 4 bidirectional blades and a 467 lb blade carrier of 1" thick plate steel. 

Direct drive motor with 6" bearings and a 3.75" drive shaft. 

Even if you do not require the 8" cutting capacity, knowing it is built for that size means it will last over the long term when regularly cutting smaller material. 

And some smaller trees may have a stump at ground level that is in that 8" range. 

For example, a 4-6" diameter tree may have an 8" diameter butt-flare at the ground surface. 

Cuts grass, and shreds and mulches brush and small trees.  

Cut path: 72"

Outside dimensions:

77" wide, 89" long, 35" tall. 

Weighs 1632 lbs. 

Pallets when shipped are 80" x 90".

Made in North America, comes with 2 year warranty. 

We also have the Extreme duty standard flow brush cutter, and HD3 and GB2 brush cutters and closed front options available as well.

For more information contact us or check out the Skid Pro Website. 

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