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Diamond Low Flow Mulchers

Diamond Drum Mulcher for 16-30 gpm Skid Steer. Great for 55 - 75 hp machines. 


Clear brush and trees with your standard flow skid steer and mulcher head.

This mulcher will run on flow rates as low as 16 gpm and as high as 30 gpm.

Clear fencelines, open up pasture, maintain ROW, maintain ditches, reduce fire fuels, reduce pesticide use, reclaim land, reduce invasive species spread, land clearing, and more applications.

Put your skid steer to work. Great mulch quality and productivity.

Let us tune this mulcher to your machine for optimal performance.

Comes with high performance chisel teeth. Four point teeth are also available. They can be run on the entire drum or mixed throughout the drum as they are the same weight.

The infeed is designed to suck in larger material and process into a finer mulch.

Weights 1350 lbs. No electrical requirement. 50" cut path. 

Two speed, high torque piston motor spools up fast. 


Built in the USA.

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