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FAE Low / Medium Flow Mulchers

Turn your skid steer into a mulching machine with this FAE heavy built skid steer mulcher.

Clear fencelines, trails, ROW, ditches, pastures, trees, brush, etc.

Runs on 15-34 gallons per minute. Great on lower gpm high flow machines.

Sonic or two speed motor available.

Fits standard flow and the skid steers with high flow up to 34 gpm.

Fixed tooth mulcher. Smooth drum or bite limiter drum. 

Blade and carbide tooth options.

Pressure gauge.

Hydraulic hood.

Weighs 1730 lbs.


In stock.


FAE builds world class mulchers for skid steers, excavators, tractors, and dedicated machines. 

Mulchers allow you cut down undesirable trees and brush turning them into a fine mulch releasing nutrients back into the soil while increasing the productivity of the land.

Mulchers are great for:

  • Landowners clearing fields and fencelines

  • Professional land clearing contractors

  • Reducing forest fire fuel loads

  • Cleaning up undesirable vegetation reducing the use of herbicides

  • Maintenance of ROW, rail lines, transmission lines, pipelines, trails, etc.

For more information contact us at Swift Fox Industries and we will share our experience with you, and help you put your equipment to work. 

And check out the FAE website at

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